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Allergies & Dietry Requirements

Allergen information is available here as well as at the restaurant

Please ask a member of the team if you wish to view when you visit!

Please also let us know of any allergies before ordering.

We always attempt to stock Non-gluten bases and Vegan Cheese to make many of our pizzas adaptable for non-gluten and vegan preferences.

Given the nature of our kitchen's heavy use of flour during service we CANNOT guarantee that our food will be 100% Gluten free for customers with Coeliacs disease. If you have Coeliacs disease please call the restaurant  and discuss with one of our managers before you visit.

(N)= Contains Nuts (VG)=suitable for Vegetarian (V)=Vegan
Some Gelato's in our gelato counter freezer contain nuts so we cannot guarantee all gelato are 100% nut free as slight cross contamination may occur

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